Nissan Sunny

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Nissan finally is making some moves in the Indian car market. After the success of Micra, Nissan has come up with Sunny, the sedan version of Micra. Micra was an entry-level Hatchback model and now Nissan is turning the heat on with its entry into the sedan section through Sunny. The car although has been around for a long time and even after 45 years since its arrival in the late 1960s is believed to be a strong contender in the sedan section in the Indian Market. Although introduced as Datsun, the car will be introduced in the Indian markets as Sunny. The car boasts of latest safety and technological features and all in all is a comfortable one to drive. The Nissan Micra was the best move Nissan made in India and ever since there have been talks about a sedan version of the model. The platform that Micra has set can boost sales of its sedan version up by a significant amount. (more…)

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