Audi Q5 Review

Audi Q5

Audi Q5

After reviewing the features and specifications of Audi Q5 one can easily agree with the statement of Audi regarding Audi Q5 “Where the road ends, the red carpet begins”. Audi Q5 gives an extra ordianary Q life experience while in it with new views, comfort zone, luxury and powerful driving experience. The exclusive stylish large single frame grill with Audi logo and the space for number plate attracts the Audi fans to Audi Q5 with ravishing looks of elegance and sportiness. The coupe typed roof line makes Audi Q5 different from the other vehicles in its segment. Read More »

Audi Q7 Review

Audi Q7

Audi Q7

Audi is accepted by every user with whole heart as it is one of the best four-wheel drive vehicle manufacturers for years. Audi is proudly presented the model Audi Q7 with a powerful 6 and 8cyclinder engines and Quattro for crazy driving experience and comfortable long journeys. The Audi Q7 journey is an automative refinement for the passengers and driver alike with the new generation of performance and luxury. Read More »

Honda Crosstour launches on Nov 20

Honda Crosstour

Honda Crosstour 2013

The all new 2013 Honda Crosstour will be in Honda showrooms on November 20. Honda Crosstour is a midsized car with stylish looks, extra space, power and comfort. Honda Crosstour comes with newly featured hi-tech options for easy driving and comfortable travelling. The innovations are found in the technology used, interior and exterior of Honda Crosstour 2013. It is the most spacious five seat midsized car in the market with more power and comfort. Read More »

Audi A6 Specifications and Features

Audi A6 Saloon 2012Audi A6 is consistently an efficient car built on hybrid aluminum using all the latest technology for comfort, safety and style. The cutting edge technology which is part of the Audi heart is found in this car as well and the company claims it ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’. It is designed thus to make the car the best fuel efficient car in the segment making its movement smooth and fast on road. This design has been successful and efficient for years now.

The body of Audi A6 Saloon is built on hybrid aluminum as the other vehicles are built merely on steel. This is mainly used in sport vehicles as to reduce body weight to produce better performance and fuel efficiency. Read More »

TATA Defence vehicles

Tata Logo

Tata Logo

Tata Motors Limited formerly known as TELCO is the Motor Vehicle Manufacturing wing of the prestigious TATA group. Company headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. The Tata Motors Limited products include cars, trucks, vans, coaches, buses, military vehicles and the special purpose vehicles also.The TATA group is the world’s eighteenth-largest motor vehicle manufacturing company, fourth-largest truck manufacturer and second-largest bus manufacturer by volume of production. Other than India Tata Motors Limited have plants in Argentina, South Africa, Thailand and the United Kingdom.The group has joint venture with Marcopolo S.A, Hitachi, Telcon Construction Solutions.

The Tata Motors Limited has well known defense vehicle segment Tata Motors’ Defense Solutions.  The products from this segment are using many defense forces around the globe including Indian Defense Forces. Tata Motors has been a strategic partner of the Indian Armed Forces from as early on as 1958. Read More »

Audi A4 Specifications and Features

Audi A4 SaloonAudi A4 Saloon comes with the peculiar design and comfort of Audi and has an Audi personality from in and outsides. The luxurious car Audi A4 has a striking face with three dimensionally carved out bonnet and single framed stone grey coloured grill. The side air inlets and the 10 spoke sporty alloy wheels add special beauty to the car. The sophisticated technology of xenon plus headlamps is extremely powerful and helpful for night drives. THe LED daytime lights attract the eyes of many on road as it is really sexy. The clear body line is not an attribution but a basic necessity for Saloon for balanced and high class appearance. The continuous shoulder-line and long bonnet gives  dynamic feel to the design for sporty and elegant looks.  Read More »

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