Honda Civic Sports Car

Honda Civic Sports Edition

The Honda Civic turns out to be Honda Civic Sports for the sporty drivers. It was a successful fact that Honda Civic hit the automotive industry. Though the luxury sedan Honda Civic had a good face and attractive interior, it lacked a sporty look. So, the youth after buying it had to spend a good amount altering Honda Civic to give it a sporty look. Understanding the young drivers and sporty car lovers, Honda does it from the Honda factory itself. Though there is no identifiable alteration done at the back of the sporty sedan Honda Civic, there are great alteration at its front view and interior. The slimmed stylish front of new Honda Civic sports car looks longer than the previous Honda Civic from the side angle. It seems that the designer used a sharp knife to cut short the bonnet thickness of the new altered Civic.

Though the side skirts adds beauty to Honda Civic it reduces the ground clearance and is doubtful in off road drives. The five spoke alloy wheels of Honda Civic are really sporty. The wider space for small powerful fog lamps makes it sportier. The headlamps have a European sporty look. The rear view mirror in body color which stays apart from the body panel are seen in sports and Type R cars

When Honda Civic turns out to be sporty Civic it does not miss any of its luxury. The Indian Honda Civic is apt for the Indian roads. It is the best performance car of Indian today. When the front bumper became smaller the gill became wider in new Honda Civic to add sporty looks.

The interior Honda Civic explanation starts with the high class fabric seats. The old instrument console remains the same in new Civic also. The newly added aspect here is the intelligent fuel economy indicator (IFEI) which enables the driver to improve the driving style to get more mileage and know how far the car will travel.

When altering Civic the designers forgot to keep the music controls stable with in the steering wheel. Instead, the music system can be controlled from back too. It is really an advantage. The cruise control gives the real advantage or need of a sporty car to Civic. This Civic can accommodate three passengers comfortable in the rear seat. There is a lot of space in Civic. The Honda Civic interior is really spacious.

The 1.8 IV-Tec petrol engine remains the same in new Honda Civic also. It produces 130 bhp and 171 Nm torque too. The computerized drive by wire gives a better mileage of 15.5 kms per litre. The electronic signals of acceleration gives better pick up too. And it takes only 10 seconds to reach the speed of 100 kms/hour from the idle point.

Honda Civic is available in three different variants – SMT, VMT and VAT. ABS, EBD, Airbags, etc are part of all the Honda Civic variants. The Honda Civic price with all the sophistications start at Rs. 12.04 lakhs and the price of Honda Civic goes up to Rs. 13.67 lakhs.

Mini Cooper Crossman 2010

2010 Mini Cooper Crossman

Mini Cooper 2010 is to appear with the looks of SUVs in early 2010. The Mini Cooper 2010 is to be named as Mini Cooper Crossman. The all new Mini Cooper Crossman 2010 will come out with a bold radiator grill which makes it the male hatchback car. The roof rail and bold and harsh looking alloy wheels adds masculinity to Mini Cooper Crossman.

The fog lamps of Mini Cooper 2010 are unlike all the other hatch back is not integrated in the front bumper. It is rather fixed separately above the bumper. The black wheel arches of Mini Cooper Crossman make it really luxury Mini Cooper. The headlights of Mini Cooper find a new design from the old Mini Cooper.

Since the Mini Cooper is a successful one, BMW Mini Cooper is taking many variants soon. The lifted up suspension and all-wheel drive are its main features. The demand for Mini Cooper is stronger than ever. Mini Cooper is noted for style, sporty looks, driving comfort, fuel efficiency, etc.

Mini Cooper 2010 is one of the most interesting cars of the world. Mini Cooper is the dream car of the car lovers today.  Stephenson offers performance and style to Mini Cooper. The Mini Cooper 2010 comes with two exciting models – the barebones Cooper, and the more sophisticated Cooper S.

The 2010 Mini Cooper standard comes with a 1.6-liter, transverse 4-cylinder and supercharged engines that produces 115 horsepower at 6,000 rpm and delivers 110 pounds-per-foot of torque at 4,500 rpm.

Where as Mini Cooper S comes standard with a 1.6-liter, transverse 4-cylinder, supercharged engines that produces 163 horsepower at 6,000 rpm and delivers 155 pounds-per-foot of torque at 4,000 rpm.

The all new Mini Cooper luxury car 2010 has a six speed manual transmission and a 16 inch alloy wheel to make it perfect sporty Mini Cooper luxury hatchback. It can score the top speed of 124 mph and it reaches the speed of 60 in less than nine seconds. Now, you understand how powerful the new Mini Cooper Crossman is. The McPherson suspension of Mini Cooper 2010 ensures a comfortable drive. The shape of the Mini Cooper is helpful very much is cornering and bumps.

The main safety features of Mini Cooper Crossman are the four-wheel antilock brakes, electro-hydraulic power-assisted steering, and cornering brake control, crash sensor system, advanced crumple zones, and six standard airbags. And the Mini Cooper 2009 prices were between $ 18,550 to 30,800 and let us now wait for the Mini Cooper Crossman 2010.

Fiat 500 Car

Fiat 500 Review

Fiat 500 makes us think of its history, hereditary and driving experience at once. The aftermath of the World War II was a crucial recession. It was not easily affordable for the people to roam around in luxury cars those days. The luxury cars like Rolls Royce, Mercedes and Bentley gave way to people’s cars. Volkswagen took the advantage of this economical crisis by introducing Beetle. It was a small and affordable car.

In this age of recession Fiat tries to repeat the history by introducing a similar car with a 1248cc with 4cylinder engine. Fiat has named it as Fiat 500. Fiat 500 is in Italian design. As you know the Italians are famous for architecture and designs.

Fiat 500 is the smallest luxury car. The smallest luxury car Fiat 500 is a fully sophisticated car. The Fiat 500 price therefore is Rs. 14.87 lakhs. The maximum speed Fiat 500 can acquire is 100kms/hr. The Speedo meter needle marks 100 in 12.5 seconds. The maximum power of Fiat 500 is 75bhp@4000rpm and maximum torque is 145Nm@1500rpm. It has a five speed manual gear transmission. In this period of recession as we all look for higher mileage of cars, Fiat 500 provides us a mileage around 30km/litre. Fiat 500’s front brakes are disk brakes and rear ones are drum brakes. Its wheel base is 2300mm and turning radius is 4.6 meter. It has a large boot space of 185 litres. The fuel tank capacity of Fiat 500 is 35 litres.

The round shaped head lamps and fog lamps are apt for the altogether round shaped car. The Fiat logo at the centre is also in a round shape now. The side view mirrors unlike all other cars stay away form the door. It ensures better rear view. The tail lamps are so cute in style and small in size. There is a steel trim over the rear and front number plates.

Fiat 500 has a negative point as the four seat car has only two doors. It is quiet difficult for the third and fourth passengers to get in and out. It is really irritating. But the wider doors make it easy. The front seats have to be just leaned forward for it.

The interior of Fiat 500 is luxurious. The switches in the central console are finished with chromium out lines. It has a powerful audio and air conditioning system in it. The sophisticated Fiat 500 has steering wheel molded audio controls.  There is a chromium finished circle around the logo of Fiat on the steering too. The interior is in dual tone. It is in both black and body color and beige color combinations. The gear liver and leather seat provide us the best driving comfort. The interior of Fiat 500 is simply luxurious. The fact that there is sufficient space in Fiat 500 has to be admitted. And I still don’t know how Fiat has made possible in such a small car. The boot space is incredibly large. It has all the modern facilities including airbags, ABS, EPS and mobile integration. It is not behind in the case of safety features thus. It has a good rating among the car lovers around the world.

New Delhi Auto Expo News

New Delhi Auto Expo

Delhi Auto Expo is one of the biggest of all the auto expo of the automotive world. It takes place every after two years. And the 10th Auto Expo is to be conducted in Delhi on the ground Pragathi from 5th January to 11 January.

The officials say that more than 2000 companies take part in it. We know that India is the best automotive market in the world today. People of India are running behind luxury today. Therefore all the foreign automotive companies are trying to get them established in India as early as possible. The return of Daewoo Matis with a new style match the trend of the day is the best example of it. Daewoo returns to India with its old model Matis as it was quiet successful in India. The credibility Matis has made among the Indian hatchback lovers will help the return of Daewoo very much. There is no wonder if one feels that the designer of Maruti Suzuki Ritz and Maruti Suzuki A-Star has designed the all new Matiz for Daewoo. The front portion of it commemorates Maruti A-Star and the sides and rear portion commemorates Maruti Ritz.

In the Auto Expo Delhi all the automotive manufacturers reveal their upcoming vehicle and concept cars. The ground ready for the Delhi Auto Expo is 1.40 lakhs sq ft large. All the automotive passionate eyes will be searching for the launch of Suzuki Kizashi in the auto expo. It is the stage for the automotive makers to show off their inventions in technology, performance and style. Almost all the automotive companies are trying to present their best model for India. It is the question of existence in India for the foreign automotives. All the companies will be ready with their brand new hatchbacks, sedans, SUVs and MUVs. India is a market that welcomes all the models of cars as the majority middle class people of India look for hatchbacks and upper class looks for luxury cars.

New Audi q7

Audi Q7 in India

Indian roads are now getting ready to welcome the SUVs and other high performance cars. The Audi Q7 is the popular car in the segment of SUV in India today. Audi Q7 has all the modern sophistications in it. The luxury cum SUV car is Audi Q7. The luxury Audi Q7 has the most advanced voice control system in it. We can control the mobile phone and music systems orally in Audi Q7. It thus offers a safer drive.

The adaptive headlamp is the other major attraction. It adjusts the light of the headlamps according the speed of the car Audi SUV Q7 and the darkness out. It ensures you a safe driving. The total length of Audi Q7 is 5089mm and its wheel base is 3002mm. It is loaded with a 6 speed triptronic gear box and 18 inch wheels. The LED tail lamps and air suspension are part of the standard model.

For easy identification and your likeness Audi Q7 is available in 11 different colors. The starting price of Audi Q7 is Rs. 53.40 lakhs. The larger front grill of Audi Q7 and the strips on it is really trendy. The vertical strips are found for the first time in any vehicle. The body color handle bar adds beauty and luxury to Audi Q7. The Audi Q7 is a luxury SUV. And as we know the main oppositions of Audi are BMW, Volkswagen, Peugeot, Porsche, etc. The all new Audi Q7 with all the comforts of a luxury car is a fully loaded SUV for off roads. Audi Q7 roars “Take me to hill stations, let me show my energy”.

Toyota Fortuner Review

New Toyota Fortuner

Toyota Fortuner is the fortune of the SUV seekers of India. It became so popular even before its launch. The evidence to this fact is that the first sale of Toyota Fortuner was done to the famous Malayalam film actor Mr. Mammootty who loves all types of powerful cars.

The Toyota Fortuner exterior has a similarity to Tata Safari dicor and the interior of Toyota Fortuner is similar to Toyota Innova. The hybrid vehicle has to be booked at least a year in advance to get it registered in your name. The steering and dash board look similar to Toyota Innova. Even the seating gives the comfort of Innova. It is really spacious. The larger headlamps, attractive grill and front bumper makes it really a performer car. The roof rails and stainless steel colored door handles and front grills make Toyota Fortuner a luxury car. The wheel arch makes Toyota Fortuner a bold car. The 221mm ground clearance makes it an off road rider. The high running board makes the access to the vehicle a bit difficult. On the other hand it gives better comfort in driving and travel.

The 2982cc, 4 cylinder diesel engine provides 169bhp@3600rpm and a maximum torque of 343Nm@1400-3400rpm. The five gear manual transmission gives opportunity to a better racing. Its tyres are tubeless and the front brakes are disc brakes. But the rear brakes are just drum brakes. Being a powerful vehicle it provides a great mileage of 13kms/litre. The Toyota Fortuner price is just Rs. 18.42 lakhs. Toyota Fortuner price with so many features in it is a threat to Chevrolet Captiva and Honda CRV. Toyota Fortuner takes only 13 seconds to reach the speed of 100kms/hour from zero. There is a small separate liver for front four wheel drive of Toyota Fortuner.

The interior of Toyota Fortuner is of top quality. The audio system has a computerized screen. The aluminum surrounded dials give a better visibility too. There is a wider storage space in the car. It makes us carry a huge luggage for tours. We don’t have to tie up our baggage on the roof of this car. Even the door pockets are bigger than the usual ones. There is a powerful climate control in the car.

When the manually adjustable seats give more comfort, the dual airbags and ABS ensures safety the Toyota Fortuner passengers. To make Toyota Fortuner luxury, the seats are leather. The boot space of Toyota Fortuner is comparatively less. Then the foldable back seats can give us more space in case of emergency.

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