Diesel bike by Hero

Every one knows hero and Honda has split. The joint venture which gave India the slogan “fill it shut it forget it” is no more. Hero the Indian partner will have the right to sell Hero Honda bikes till 2013. After the split the two companies are in a race to prove who is the better. Honda as we all know with its products like Unicorn and Activa is a head of Hero. Hero on the other hand does not a product to boast on.

Now hero is trying a new strategy, seeing the demand for diesel cars(costlier than the petrol counterparts) hero is planning to launch a diesel bike. A Chennai based indo us company is expected to produce the engine for them.Its not clear now whether an mechanical injector based engine or CRDI Diesel Engine be used.The chances of a CRDI is higher because of the emission and performance needs.The engine will be 4 stroke which produce a power of 30 BHP(assuming). A CRDI disel car give us a mileage of about 18 to km. Now imagine what would be the efficiency of this engine. We know the crude diesel engine RE produced using the technology of the 70s give us a mileage of abt 70 to 80.km. No doubt is this bike is launched it will be a great success(of course if the engine does not have any flaws).

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12 Responses to “Diesel bike by Hero”
  1. martin says:

    good one

  2. martin says:


  3. cvch says:


  4. sanju says:

    Good One

  5. martin says:

    hellll oooooooooooooo

  6. martin says:

    i think the bike will rock

  7. Jerome says:

    Hope this new idea will be rocks in the Indian roads.

  8. Engr. A.K.M. Hedayetullah. from Bangladesh says:

    Waiting for Diesel Bike. Now I am using Hero Honda Splendor Plus.

  9. jess says:

    i think diesel engine better than petrol in concept of mileage.but the size and weight main factor.l am also waiting for new generation diesel bikes..

  10. ravi says:

    i think honda make a 200cc bike so its give a 100 & 125kmpl evrage. 200cc is good for india s youth.

  11. ganesh says:

    will it have pickup like petrol bikes ?
    but wht abt average yar ?
    diesel bullet is giving 65-70 kmpl .(pickup)
    i have it .

  12. ANI_7791@REDIFFMAIL.COM says:

    GUYS,diesel bike is the need of time, petrol will be 100 buks in a years time, so may be electric bikes or crdi diesel bike will be the only option i donno how much the compressed air technology is developed till now ?, lets hope for the best , all the best for hero group & hope to see u soon in the market

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