5000cc Bike Engine

5000cc Bike Engine Details

We have seen the bikes carrying the engines. Instead, it is something special to see a huge engine of 5000cc carrying a bike. The size of the 5000cc bike engine is very huge as to carry the body of a bike. 5000cc Bike is very heavy too. The 5000cc Bike is a revolution is the history of motor bikes. Dodgy found a 5000cc Rolls Royce Merlin V-twin motorcycle engine.

The 5000cc bike engine was built in 1982 by the Australian engineer Lucky Keizer from a 27 litre V12 aero engine. It was a handcraft engine which has 4 valves per cylinder and it is water and glycol cooled engine as it has to be. It gives the rider the 500 horsepower for the best power of the bike segment. And it weighs 330 pounds. This 5000cc bike engine can be installed in a bike that is heavy enough to carry the engine and has stability to go only for faster rides.

The engine seems to be a notorious criminal as it is giant and powerful to get success over the successful ones on road. The 5000cc engine will reach the bike and the rider the fastest mover of the world. It is no wonder if the fuel tank is emptied in five minutes by the 5000cc bike engine. And of course the 5000cc bike engine does not hold for mileage.

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